Surroundings - Limburgia
Surroundings - Hotel Limburgia in Riemst (Kanne), vlakbij Maastricht. Stijlvol ontspannen. Hotel Limburgia - Riemst
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An environment filled with many possibilities.

The beautiful, expansive grounds surrounding hotel Limburgia are perfect for a long walk or a cycling trip. The internationally known European GR5 walking route, which stretches to the South of France, is highly recommended. You will also find a cycling hub nearby. You will undoubtedly be able to completely relax in the rural surroundings of Kanne and Riemst.

Furthermore, the Kanne caves are certainly worth a visit. You can receive more information at the hotel.

In closing, we would wholeheartedly like to recommend the centre of Maastricht in the Netherlands. In the city of Maastricht, barely 3 kilometres from the hotel Limburgia, you can shop until you drop.

Do not hesitate to contact hotel Limburgia for more information or to make a reservation. We will be happy to assist you further.

The surrounding area provides many possibilities to experience both cities and nature.

The historic Chateau Neercanne.

Cycling • Hiking • Relaxing